Rabbi Adam Jacobs speaks to Perry Marshall about Darwinism and his Origin of Life Challenge for $10 Million Dollars.

Perry and Rabbi Adam Jacobs discuss the Origin of Life Challenge, the debate between creationism and Neo-Darwinism, how to decide between the two theories of evolution, if intelligent design contradicts Darwinism and so much more.

Interview Link: https://aish.com/evolution-2-0-the-coming-darwinian-revolution/

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5 Responses

  1. Hunter Glaspell says:

    Hello Perry. I’ve been following your work for years, and am pretty certain I know your answer to this, but wanted clarification. You avoid God a lot in your topics, and if you still believe he is the center of this massive thing we call our universe. This is done (im assuming) so as to have a constructive conversation of the science and I appreciate that. I know your brother is still searching, at least from the last I’ve heard about him, but I was wondering if you have come to the conclusion or not that your faith in God is well founded, or if you are searching along side your brother. You teased this in the interview, and was hoping that you would explain further. Has this journey strengthened your faith, or put it into question? Thank you very much for what you do. You have been a great help in my search for the truth.

  2. Hunter Glaspell says:

    Hi Perry. You touched on your brothers journey in the interview, and from what I know he is still searching. I was curious to know if the work you have done has solidified your faith in God or caused you to search like your brother. I know you most likely avoid saying God in your conversation about cognition, so as to focus on the science. But I am fascinated with this subject and wanted to see where perry stands in the God question. Thank you!

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