The World-Changing Quantum Experiment No One’s Ever Tried

In a recent blog post I said cells, like humans, are quantum observers. I proposed that by focusing their attention, they shift physical outcomes. This occurs the same way inside a cell as it does in a lab in the Double Slit Experiment:

Conscious intent selects physical “actuals” from a matrix of quantum “possibles.” 

I argued: the reason humans are observers is that humans are made of cells, and cells are observers.

This leads to an obvious question:

If humans can be observers in the Double Slit Experiment, how about dogs? Cats? Mice? Dragonflies? Amoebas? Bacteria?

One need not look very hard to find all manner of arguments and theories about whether or not cats and dogs can “collapse a wave function” in the famous Double Slit Experiment.

But guess what:

No one has ever done that experiment. 

Seriously. Decades of debates but no facts to back it up.

I believe this will prove to be one of the most valuable experiments of all time.

It will take clever execution to make work. I propose we can re-run the same experiment for goldfish or dragonflies and infer that they are conscious as well. All we have to do is figure out a reward / consequence system that makes the dog or cat or goldfish care about whether it’s a particle or wave.

If it’s a particle, the dog gets steak. If it’s a wave the dog gets spinach. The 

My prediction: this experiment will prove easier to conduct, and produce more consistent results, with insects and microorganisms than with people or animals. Why? Because attention and motivations are simpler with animals than with people.


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