Poking Holes in Universe Age and Other Theories with Ray Noble

Academic, author and musician, Ray Noble has been a vocalist in Jazz and Blues groups performing at the Edinburgh Fringe and was lead vocalist in the Oxford based rock band, The HeartBeats. He’s a lead vocalist in The Oxford Trobadors and has appeared on radio and television in the UK and abroad.

Ray is the brother of the Denis Noble – one of the pioneers of Systems Biology who developed the first viable mathematical model of the working heart in 1960. When Ray is not immersing himself in his music, he’s busy challenging conventional thinking on his podcast named The Thin End. I was honored to be invited on his show.

We spent our time discussing random mutation, how organisms maintain their integrity by continuous change and how living things are internally directed. Plus we like poking holes in the theory that the universe is only 5000 years old. Some topics discussed:

  • We are only at the foothills of what biology is teaching us
  • The biggest untold story in science
  • Embracing the mantra: Reality is your friend
  • How biological evolution is very similar to technological evolution
  • Evolution is a system responding to environmental change

Originally posted at The Thin End

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