April 18, 2019

“Darwin Devolves” Review – Perry Marshall and Bill Cole discuss Michael Behe’s controversial new book

Michael Behe’s “Darwin Devolves” asks: Has Darwin solved the design problem in biology? Behe says absolutely not, and backs his position with detailed examples. Furthermore, nobody has really solved the famous problem of “irreducible complexity” that Behe described in “Darwin’s Black Box.” But Perry Marshall insists Behe has still omitted vital details and landmark experiments. Bill Cole works closely with Behe, so Perry and Bill discuss: Will Behe’s approach be effective in addressing the shortcomings of mainstream science?

Show Notes:
Where Did Life Come From? Perry Marshall’s Evolution 2.0 at Penn State University
“Living Organisms Author Their Read-Write Genomes in Evolution” by James Shapiro – www.tinyurl.com/jamesshapiro
“Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design” www.budurl.com/ev20
The Evolution 2.0 Prize www.herox.com/evolution2.0
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