Why Creationists, Intelligent Design Guys & People of Faith Get Their Skulls Crushed in Evolution Debates …And What to Do About It

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In This New Evolution 2.0 Publication, You’ll Learn:

– Why Christians feel marginalized and aren’t making headway in the Creationism v. Evolution debate.

– How Perry’s brother went from being a missionary in China to an almost atheist in 4 years, BECAUSE of the fracture between Science & Faith.

– What exactly has gone wrong with the creation/evolution conversation, and HOW we can set it right.

– How Atheists have turned their purposeless version of Evolution into a pop religion and have thrown out real science in exchange for advocacy.

– How Creationists have also made up their own false version of science in exchange for advocacy.

– What’s happening inside the current “Protestant Reformation of Evolutionary Biology”? 

– How Science & Faith have actually been perfect allies far longer than they’ve been enemies.

– Why we can’t use God of the Gaps arguments to solve the “Well where did DNA come from?” dilemma, and what we can do instead.

– What is Evolution 2.0 and how does it bridge the gap between Darwin & Design without settling to junk science?

– The rules of the DMZ (demilitarized zone), where people can start having honest conversations so we can let the truth prevail – instead of just pushing an agenda from either side.

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