Origin of Life: Nature or Miracle?

Once I was listening to an NPR radio station and someone called in on the phone and asked the famous atheist, Richard Dawkins, where did life come from? He glibly replied “It was a happy chemical accident.” Then he and the show host went on as though the person was asking what flavor of jelly he prefers on his toast.

I was aghast at his answer. For years, I was inclined to categorize life’s origin as the furthest from a “chemical accident” as you could possibly get; a literal divine miracle. Honestly, I think that’s a better answer than “happy chemical accident” but, in time, I became dissatisfied with that too.

After the Unbelievable? show posted a discussion between Jeremy England and Paul Davies, they asked me to write a blog describing how I see this issue now as founder of the world’s largest science research award.

These are my thoughts: https://www.premierinsight.org/atheists-creationists-both-wrong-origin-of-life


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5 Responses

  1. Alexandre Gagnon says:

    Hello Perry,

    I believe the physiological discovery I sent to your heroX inbox might bring insight into a coding behind “chemical accidents” that might reveal more on what is discussed in this thread upon further investigation. Please check the Herox submission & messages when you have the time.

  2. Anatolii Lazarenko says:


    unfortunately, your evo2.org system only gives out your inspirational and inspiring sermons but prevents from discussion by does not allow me to receive answers from you to my questions, for example, which were entered into the others Evo2.0 blog threads with great difficulties:
    1. Did you manage to find time to read the Prigogine and Hayek books?
    2. How do you feel about my formulation of the “Prigogine-Hayek law”, its expansion with periodic influences as a potential life generator https://abiogenesis.mria.top/ and what is your own opinion concerning my application abiogenesis.mria.top/evo2subm.html?
    3. Would you like in any form (joint publication or joint application for a grant, something else…) to take part in the origin of life experiment I propose (microplanet – “svityk” )?

    And without feedback, generation, as we know, is impossible.


    • Anatolii,

      I apologize it has taken many months to not make much progress. Your frustration is understandable.

      I am going to approve the pending comments that you have posted and, in a sense, ask you to start over.

      I did buy the books you suggested and I have perused them to some extent. Prigogine the most. He is very sharp and I admire his thinking. I still think there is something very fundamental in life that is still eluding him and pretty much everyone else. He is stabbing at the problem but not getting to it.

      That said, it is not realistic for someone to say “Perry can you read these three books and tell me what you think” along with at least a dozen highly detailed questions and various other assertions.

      At this point in Evolution 2.0, much as I relish the discussions, conversations and mysteries, I can’t accept “homework assignments” from readers who ask me to read this or that book, watch this or that video and tell them what I think. I have a long list of projects, personal correspondence, papers to peer review, etc etc.

      What I ask of you today is that you take ONE question or issue, present the necessary background, and ask a question. That is realistically the only way this is going to get done.

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