Lynn Margulis’ last interview with Conner Habib

Lynn Margulis, who died in 2012, was a piercing luminary in the history of evolutionary theory.

She overturned the money changer’s tables in the temple of science and infuriated a lot of people. But history has continued to vindicate her.

In this interview, she and Conner explore a very different way of thinking about life itself and you’ll hear her brilliant mind and feisty posture.

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9 Responses

  1. arthur harris says:

    Great listening! This discussion raised the issue of what is the proper conceptual framework with which to express evolution theory. Evolution is about the BIG PICTURE. However science has splintered into specialized topics and the BIG PICTURE is now like ants each carrying off a different part of their victim (The Big PICTURE). Margulis spoke of the Botanists naming CHRYSOPHYTA ( a plant) and the ZOOLOGISTS classifying the same organism as animal and naming it PHYTOMASTIGINA. Two different conceptualizations of the same thing. She also spoke of “thought style” and the “VADE MECUM”-the manual instructing the specialist in the concepts restricted for that area of the total picture, The result is that a person in one specialized area cannot understand or appreciate a new thought in another area. This raises an important question for evolution theory. One just cannot leap into this supreme mystery like one would with a problem inside one’s specialized field. Evolution is a unique problem because it concerns the BIG PICTURE and these specialized conceptual frameworks need to be overcome and transcended. THERE MUST BE A LANGUAGE OR CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK FOR EVOLUTION THINKING THAT IS BASIC OR FUNDAMENTAL

  2. Lee Langseth says:

    Life is not based on Chemistry or God. Life is based on Numbers. Numbers come from major isotopes of helpful atoms in the Earth’s crust and a new Hydrogen duality that has it equal zero. The DNA wall likely formed early. C5 H11 O13 P3 becomes (5×12)+(11×0)+(13×16)+(3×31) = 361. 361 factors into primes as 19×19. 361 is the clock of our computer like DNA. The G nucleotide using this same method is 507 which is 3x13x13. Life uses the omni-present fabric of natural numbers to thrive. The structure of numbers existed before atoms. One more example, the med Metoprolol creates a stable heart beat. Its natural number is 242. (2×11×11). It is possible to figure this out. Cheers Lee.

  3. Aaron Myers says:

    After submitting an entry for the evo2.0 prize, about how long does it take to hear back or get a reply? 2 weeks? 1 month? longer?

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