Larry Moran and the 3 Martini Lunch, part 2: Massive Evolution Fraud

I got in a Facebook tussle with reader Frank Pettit about Larry Moran. This revealed even more fraud in evolution than I had even realized. Brace yourself.moran

In part one I criticized Larry Moran for evangelizing obsolete Old-School Darwinism. What is that? Moran’s article “Evolution By Accident” describes it perfectly.


Old School Neo-Darwinism (circa 1940) says evolution is entirely undirected, it’s RANDOM DNA copying errors, RANDOM genetic drift, and population genetics. Old-School Darwinism also insists Lamarck (scientist circa 1800) was wrong: learned adaptations are NOT passed on genetically. Natural Selection plays referee and presto, you’ve got evolution.

That’s Neo-Darwinism. Simple. Elegant. Life on earth neatly explained in one paragraph.

It’s popular. And politically correct. You can easily find 1000 biology books and websites that say this.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is, the actual drivers of evolution – Transposition, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Epigenetics, Symbiogenesis, Hybridization and Retroviruses – are ALL finely structured, NON-random processes.

But the Old School Darwinism Evangelists aren’t telling you anything about it.

Excuse me, that’s not right. They’re telling you – but they’re telling you LIES.

Here, let me show you.

I told Frank: “If Larry Moran was doing his job you would already know what Transposition is.”

Frank grew angry. He retorted that Larry DOES talk about Transposition. So I went digging.

Sure enough. 15 seconds later, I found Larry Moran’s article “Transposition Part 1”.

I retract my original statement! Sorry, Frank.

Now… what does Moran say? Moran describes Transposons this way:

“They don’t usually have any function other than replicating themselves and jumping around in the genome.”

“Genomes that contain lots of non-essential DNA (junk) are likely to carry many transposons.”

Larry remains a staunch advocate that 90% of our DNA is useless junk, despite thousands of papers where you can quickly deduce that it’s not.

So let’s get this straight, Dr. Moran. 90% of DNA is junk… evolutionary events are random accidents… transposons don’t really do much except act as local “selfish DNA,” which randomly “JUMPS AROUND”… apparently for no reason at all, other than to act as genetic parasites.

Is that what you’re telling me?

What does the rest of the science community say about Transposons?amazon_transposition

I searched Amazon for “transposition biology” and found quite a few books, on the right:

Dr. Moran might peruse a few of those books. You can see from the titles that the authors think transposing DNA elements are vital to evolution.

Or, if Dr. Moran could be bothered to watch Barbara McClintock’s 1983 Nobel Prize speech, he would find out Transposons jump around for very, very particular reasons, stimulated by very particular events.

Her first words are “I have learned that there are dramatic changes that occur when the genome meets something unexpected.” Then she goes on to explain her amazing discoveries in detail.

More about Barbara in a minute. But first let’s take Moran’s article “Accidental Evolution” and make some simple substitutions.

“Chance” and “random” and “accident” are scientific brick walls. Once you invoke them, no further explanation or testing is possible.

So… substitute the words “Random” and “Chance” and “Accident” with “Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job.” Suddenly we can see what Larry Moran is really saying:

Monod points out that the underlying cause of evolution depends entirely on Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job mutations. This means that evolution is fundamentally Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job.

In the following passage from his book “Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job and Necessity” he begins by describing the various classes of mutation; substitutions, deletions/insertions, and Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job of chromosomes.

He goes on to state clearly what this means for an understanding of evolution. We call these events Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job; we say that they are Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job occurrences.

And since they constitute the only possible source of modifications in the genetic text, itself the sole repository of the organism’s hereditary structures, it necessarily follows that Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job alone is at the source of every innovation, of all creation in the biosphere.

Pure Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job, absolutely free but Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job, at the very root of the stupendious edifice of evolution: this central concept of modern biology is no longer one among other possible or even conceivable hypotheses. It is today the sole conceivable hypothesis, the only one that squares with observed and tested fact.

So there you go. Neo-Darwinism is…

…one big, giant, multi-billion dollar, 3 Martini Lunch!

And everybody gets a free pass! Because any time someone asks you to explain the marvelous systems we find in biology, you just say “Chance and Natural Selection”.

Which really means…

“Vague un-testable assertion that excuses me from doing my science job and Natural Selection.”

Shall we pass the plate for more government grants? Gotta keep the martini mix flowing.

Now, does randomness play a part? Sure it does. The RANDOM part is external events which the cell has absolutely no control of. Comets. Tsunamis. Earthquakes. None of which we could ever predict. (Even those are ultimately not random events either – all obey the laws of cause and effect, do they not?)

However, the cell’s response to those events is anything BUT random. McClintock got her Nobel Prize for figuring out how the cell non-randomly responds to unpredictable external threats. Yet nowhere does Moran mention that Transposition plays a MAJOR role in evolution.

In actual fact, Barbara McClintock in 1944 was the first scientist to observe real-time evolution happening right in front of her eyes, then understand and explain what actually happened genetically.

Others have told McClintock’s story elsewhere, I won’t repeat it here. But don’t miss the significance, because Charles Darwin only proposed the broad outlines of evolution. Ironically, “Origin of Species” offers no functional details about where new species come from.

McClintock conducted the first evolution experiment anyone actually understood. Therefore McClintock made a greater contribution than Darwin. Why? Because she explained one of the MECHANISMS of evolution. McClintock was the first scientist to transform evolution into a testable scientific hypothesis.

So… why isn’t Larry Moran telling you about this?

Why isn’t Jerry Coyne telling you about this?

Why isn’t Richard Dawkins telling you about this?

Why isn’t Bill Nye telling you about this?

Use Amazon “Search Inside” – scour their books for the term “transposition” if you doubt me.

Do they have an agenda?

Is there something these guys don’t want you to know?

You decide.

Perry Marshall

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5 Responses

  1. wsread says:


    Your bringing the truth to the fore is much appreciated.

  2. Deane Parkes says:

    I have the intelligence of a gnat but curious as most why I get up each day…

    The timing of Evolution 2.0 was in tune with my personal evolution to gather information…brilliant book!

    Recently I had been reading Plant Intelligence by Buhlmer where I was first introduced to Barbara McClintock who instantly became one of my heros, she apparently stated each of her corn plants had a distinct personality however to realize this you must be in a child like state. Make a heart connection! Nobel prize winning child like heart focused brain…

    I co sponsored Richard Gerber author Vibrational Medicine in early 90’s to speak in Toronto. He said the entire Universe in made of one element, LIGHT…and then with a twinkle in his eye said ‘just as the mystics have been saying, we are beings of light’. He then said we live in a holographic Universe or as mystics have said for eons an illusion.
    Beings of light playing a DNA self replicating existence…

    Anyone who watches TV or has a basic interest in Ancient Aliens has heard how some super duper ancient ET civilization came here to seed the Planet and apparently manipulated DNA to create the current human race. Apparently our ancestors were pretty hot and the ancients could not resist. ANCIENT ALIENS 101…kinda puts a hole in religion other than as a way to build community spirit, fear and accumulate wealth.

    One of my defining moments was years ago reading how Crick and a colleague postulated Earth is far too young to have developed a technology as sophisticated as DNA.
    Technology = DNA?? now there is a game changer…
    I caught myself a terrible code…

    In Dolores Cannon Convoluted Universe series she tells of a patient under hypnosis who said he saw this being millions of years advanced of humans travelling through the Universe, a perfect blend of technology and consciousness…if reincarnation exists, which no scientist in their right mind would accept any more than doctors in the mid 1800’s would wash their hands, perhaps in a few generations we will understand and accept the basic code of human life and be able to travel throughout dimensions in an instant, have all knowledge, realize we are eternal beings in a material world…know it …not some airy fairy superstitious new age fantasy…we actually know we operate DNA self replicating bodies w conscious awareness…giddy yup..

    Apparently without heart centered awareness it will never happen no matter how deeply we investigate the holographic picture…

    I have read where original DNA had 12 strands and was reduced to 2.

    The ancient Eastern religions spoke of 12 dimensions a human can experience while in a physical body. Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, are lower limited realities…is DNA the vehicle SOUL/Consciousness/awareness/, whatever makes us unique, to experience Earth to become self realized.

    Currently humanity is pretty well stuck in physical and emotional [astral] reality, lower dimension of hate, greed, anger…DNA w 2 strands of information perhaps limits our perspective…

    If the DNA still retained the 12 strands would the coded information make it easier to access these other states of consciousness?
    Is this where those who created us operate?
    Could GOD just be other more advanced conscious beings as some suggest?
    Well unless they show themselves means nothing to me.

    When I turned 60 i went on an adventure in the desert of Colorado to observe ET and ET craft. I’d read about it for years, let’s see if it is true.

    I experienced enough to realize there is a good chance we are not alone as ET’s ourselves, but one experience stood out above the rest…as I sat in the middle of the Bloodless Valley, held sacred by all the Native people through ancient times, I realized everything, the Earth, the sky, the planets, everything is one divine energy of light flowing through all, sustaining everything and I am but one point of awareness within the totality of ALL, within that moment perhaps GOD is that totality of LIGHT/KNOWLEDGE/INFORMATION and I felt blessed to aware…then I had to get on a plane to get back to work…did it really happen…

    The evolution of human acceptance must raise before DNA as the foundation for physical existence is taught in kindergarten…

    Gerber said we are light…
    The Bible says something to the effect Light is knowledge/Information
    Perhaps as LIGHT beings we unconsciously turn on and off DNA switches based on what we think, feel and do plus the environment we live in…could free will, positive thinking, just be adjusting our code so we act in certain ways…

    The Upanishads say we are a small being within the heart…and actual being of light…ghost in the machine…

    In 70’s I read if the amount of LSD that could fit on head of a pin could give you a false sense of reality for 8 hours imagine the false sense of reality the chemicals, sugars, fertilizers, hormones in food create.
    I believe artificial food creates artificial intelligence/reality…and it shows in the reality we find ourselves in today as our DNA is being mutated, manipulated by intelligent nogooders…

    The brain separates us from our environment, the heart connects us as one, which is why ancient cultures considered the heart the first brain…and since it has more neural pathways going from heart to brain it makes sense.

    A man’s heart without nature becomes hard…Lakota..

    i am so grateful for people like yourself who share highly technical knowledge so a simple brain is able to grasp and grow…

    I must admit putting the power of DNA into the hands of humans is quite a scary proposition especially with the likes of Monsanto and their cronies …just saying…

    I am so grateful for people like You who share highly technical knowledge so a simple brain is able to grasp and grow…

    thank YOU


    • Deane,

      Thank you for your post. One of the scariest things going on right now is humans are starting to engineer and modify the human genome.

      That is like giving your 14 year old a screwdriver and giving him your Ferrari engine.

      My first car was a Toyota Tercel and I adjusted something in the carburetor – I was trying to make it idle higher – and I screwed something up. The engine started racing until it warmed up and I didn’t know how to fix it. I took it to a shop and the guy said “Somebody’s been messin’ with these screws!” Of course I was ashamed of myself.

      When the very existence of the Junk DNA argument shows that we only understand about 10% of the genome. If you want to argue that more than 70% of the genome is useful, the Junk DNA people can still make credible arguments for ignorance about the remaining 30%.

      In actuality this state of affairs is only an argument for why we should leave well enough alone for a long time. Just as a 14 year old could occasionally get lucky and fix an adjustment in the Ferrari engine, a genetic engineer could occasionally get a desirable result. But for the most part they’re going to make mistakes or have unanticipated consequences and have no idea what they’ve actually done, possibly for decades.

      I’d love it if you could post a short review on Amazon for the Evolution 2.0 book and I salute you for your sense of wonder and curiosity. We live in an amazing world.

  3. derdagian1 says:

    The largest cranial nerve happens to be the Trigeminal.

  4. derdagian1 says:

    The Trigeminal Nerve is the largest cranial nerve.

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