Jerry Coyne: Not a Happy Camper

Sam Devis, host of the “When Belief Dies” podcast mentioned “Perry Marshall” to evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne. Sam was unprepared for Coyne’s reaction:

Why is Coyne so upset? After you watch this video clip, check out this infographic comparing Coyne’s book Why Evolution is True to current literature.


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2 Responses

  1. Hunter Glaspell says:

    Hello Perry, I’m have followed your work for a while and had a few questions if you had the time. I am a Christian that is interested in the origin of life, and wanted to know a few things regarding the evolution 2.0 prize. Are we close to it? Who has the best ideas put forward? And if said ideas lead to something, will they affect your faith if we find a material means for the genetic code?

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