James Shapiro Video: Evolution in the 21st Century

James A. Shapiro is a leading advocate of “A Third Way” – an alternative solution to the gridlocked Creationism vs. Darwinism debate.

In this video, he defines a half dozen major mechanisms of biological evolution. He also discusses hot new questions raised by 21st century research:

James A. Shapiro – Revisiting evolution in the 21st Century

Here are the slides for this lecture:

Dr. Shapiro was mentored by the eminent scientist Barbara McClintock. She won the Nobel Prize for her discovery of Mobile Genetic Elements. He discovered Mobile Genetic Elements in bacteria at UChicago and has carried on McClintock’s work. He backs his research with rigorous experimental data.

James A. Shapiro is a professor at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Chicago, Gordon Center for Integrative Science

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7 Responses

  1. God Chaser says:

    Facinating Perry!

    You could almost hear the Berlin wall of Darwinian Evolution crumbling with each word being spoken by James Shipiro.

    Its a shame however that evolutionists will never acknowledge that a cell with highly complex communication systems were predicted by IDers along time ago.


  2. God Chaser says:

    After watching the video again I came up with a question. Could you explain where the new information would come from to design the first completely new body plan like a “first evolved leg or a “first evolved wing”.


    • This could only come from, in my opinion, the action of a conscious cell or organism which knows at some level that it is trying to build something new by re-arranging it’s DNA. Just as an editor might re-arrange existing words to say something new and original.

  3. kenkoskinen says:

    It was a good presentation but I say little explicit about the how mechanics has given ways to informatics was given. This is expressed in Perry’s comment about cell consciousness but what are we to assume? Is a cell computer-like or does it have a soul/consciousness something like but of a lessor sort to humans?

    Of course we do not really know what life is as compared to non-living things. What is life is still a mystery. I think all of the above questions relate in someway to this central issue.

    Also does anyone know why we cannot comment on “New Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God”? I tried but the comments do not appear and could not add my two cents worth. I thought this presentation was amusing and contain several errors and misunderstandings!

    • A cell is far more than just computer-like. It is a distinct self; many biologists have talked about this, including Shapiro and Lynn Margulis. As for soul, who knows. It is this “self-ness” and the centrality of codes and language that clearly separates life from non-life.

  4. Pam Lane says:

    Mr. Marshall,
    Thank you for your marvelous site and all your videos, especially the work of James Shapiro. I am so excited what the next year will bring! I have a question, though about the conventional thinking about those “ beneficial mutations,” which were thought to create the novelty, over great eras of time. Shapiro did not address this.
    Can you state your two cents worth on this supposed mechanism in the conventional theory of chemical evolution? Thank you. Pam Lane

    • Beneficial mutations in actuality are changes from Epigenetics, Transposition, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Hybridization, Symbiogenesis and virus activity which engineer new code all the time. (Not merely over millions of years.) Shapiro talks about a study that showed that 287,000 mobile genetic elements are common to chimps and humans for example.