Frontline Genomics Story on the Evolution 2.0 Prize

The UK Magazine Front Line Genomics ran a story on Evolution 2.0, interviewing me along with judges George Church of Harvard / MIT, Michael Ruse of Florida State University, and Denis Noble of Oxford:

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  1. Srdan K says:

    Dear Perry,
    After reviewing your videos on you tube and listening several of your participation in radio shows on the Origin of Life, I realized that you are a smart, realistic man, a very good scientist, and I believe that your research spirit and Evolution 2.0 will lead to the right and the desired result on how Life began on Earth. At the same time, I very much hope that my long-term scientific research will contribute to the answer to the question of how Life began on planet Earth. I apologize for my poor English and I hope my message will be understandable. Unfortunately I can not publicly reveal all the details of my research, because, probably, there are people in this forum who I believe would be strongly against my research. I must point out that my scientific research is closer to the atheistic view on Origins of Life than the theological. I found a natural substance that I believe will answer the question of how Life Originated. This substance must be observed from a wider angle of research, and that, according to the past research, it is very possible to expect significant innovations in the field of physics, chemistry, physiology and medicine. By researching and testing of this natural substance, I came to the discovery that this substance effectively cures many severe diseases that modern medicine can not cure. Medical science will have a huge benefit from further research on this substance that provides an answer to the question of how to cure diseases such as: motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, autism, psoriasis, rickets, and several others. At the same time, this natural substance is complex and very complicated for scientific research and therefore also expensive for lab and other tests. My capacities for future research of this very valuable substance are limited and I would like to draw the attention of scientists, scientific institutes, companies and investors on this forum and wider that would join me and help in future scientific researches. In short, my basic research relates to peptides, minerals, gases, present in this unique natural substance (and further researches from: biophysics, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, proteomics, genetics, medicine, etc). But this task is not too difficult because for the first time we have something tangible and I’m almost certain that this substance is strongly in connection with Origins of Life on Earth and with Primordial Soup and matter from which life has been created on Earth, and it only needs to be thoroughly scientifically explored and applied important knowledge to the benefit of science and especially to medicine advancement. This substance is also the most effective natural remedy that exists at this moment. I hope that you will not mind my appeal in this forum because I am sure that we are on the same task for the benefit of mankind, and only with joint efforts and scientific tests and knowledge we can soon arrive at the answer to the question of how Life Originated. Experts will easily know to estimate the enormous value of this substance especially for the medical science. I want to form an expert team which will consist of scientists, institutes and companies, who will work on an important scientific project and the discovery of the Origin of Life on Earth. In any case, medicine will benefit greatly from our research. With the help of this forum we can start an important collaboration that can result in very important results and achievements for science. This scientific research requires great investment and efforts, but in return provides enormous benefits. I kindly ask from all those with scientific research experience from the field of Medical Science and Origins of Life interested in cooperation to ask me questions solely by email. My email address:

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