Evolution 2.0 Featured In Forbes: “How To Pivot Your Expertise To Starting A New Business”

Perry Marshall, the author of Evolution 2.0 has recently been featured on Forbes.com in a discussion about his pivot from being a world-renowned marketer and serial entrepreneur to being an influential figure in the evolutionary science and communication technology space.

Here’s An Excerpt:

“How To Pivot Your Expertise To Starting A New Business”
– By Ryan Robinson

“Have you ever wondered how serial entrepreneurs do so much? 

There’s something different about people who are able to start a business, make it successful, then pivot into something entirely new and be just as successful all over again. It’s a remarkable skill set—and in some ways, it indicates that your success as an entrepreneur isn’t just tied to how much you know about what you sell. It’s about understanding what goes into success in the first place. 

If you have expertise in your field, chances are you’ve thought about pivoting. Maybe you’ve seen an opportunity that others aren’t investing in, or you came upon a question that made you reconsider your path. Whatever the impetus, if you’ve thought about it and avoided it, you shouldn’t. 

You can use your expertise to build a successful business elsewhere. 

Don’t believe me? Ask Perry Marshall, a guest I recently had the opportunity to interview. Marshall’s already known as a world-class marketer and serial entrepreneur. He’s been teaching people how to be more effective communicators for years through books, videos, online courses and email campaigns. 

But recently he’s pivoted to a new venture. His Evolution 2.0 converges evolutionary science with communication technology. We got to speaking about his new venture and drew out some key lessons on what it takes to effectively pivot from one business to another.”

[To Continue Reading, Please See The Original Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ryanrobinson/2019/09/05/pivot-expertise-start-new-business/#dda4f9540be7]

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