“If I had a choice between a walk on the moon and saving one life from cancer, I would never look at the moon again.” – Azra Raza

I interviewed Azra Raza four years ago, and we hit it off instantly. My number one question was,
“I read your book; it’s a scathing indictment of the cancer industry. How is it that your head isn’t on a stick somewhere?”

She replied, “It’s because they all know it’s true and they know if they try to challenge me, I’ll punch right back.”

So when Kevin Ham and I organized a fund-raising bike ride in Vancouver last September, we thought “Let’s have Azra share her unfiltered thoughts in a way she can’t on a podcast or social media.” I told everyone it would be like meeting Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa 40 years ago.

A fortunate group of people joined us. Over the next few newsletters, I want to share Azra’s “Fireside Chat” from that fundraising event.

Read her chat and enjoy!

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