Errata – Evolution 2.0 Fact Check

Let’s fix some errors in the book Evolution 2.0: Breaking the Deadlock Between Darwin and Design

Page 273 says:

ENCODE’s finding were unambiguous. At least 80% of our DNA is active and necessary. If you deleted it, our bodies would fail. Our children or grandchildren would be missing something critical that they need to survive.

RETRACTION: Encode’s findings were not nearly as strong as my statement in the Evolution 2.0 book. PZ Myers called me out on this in our debate on Unbelievable. My statement was misleading so I retract it. “At least 80% of our DNA is active and necessary. If you deleted it, our bodies would fail” was MY opinion and not ENCODE’s findings, as implied by the wording in the book. I still predict that this is true, even though ENCODE’s findings don’t yet support it. ENCODE has found that over 80% of the genome is transcribed in a tissue-specific manner.

Page 55 re: anti realism.
Thanks to Toby Baxendale for this comment:
What you are describing in this note is actually solipsism, i.e., the belief that only you can know that you exist. 
Realism states that there is a mind independent world, it just is. You don’t need any proof of this, it just is. What’s more, its an agglomeration of separate and distinct units of matter, is common sense and is self evident. 
As you have read my first book, you know that I am an anti-realist. I know I can’t prove formally a mind independent world, but I sure as hell have faith that it exists, so to be clear, I do hold there is a real world. As such, I am an Idealist or Ido-Realist (my own term). Much like Bishop Berkeley, the famous British/Irish Empiricists and Idealist Philosopher. He held that as you can only observe this mind independent world via your mind, but you really do believe it exists, something else, God must be the very mind that is keeping existence going. Science lends itself very much to this view as you know that unless a human being is observing something, that something will not materialise itself into a wave or a particle. 
Also from Toby:
Page 86 “he also holds an Order of the British Empire medal from the queen of England” (referring to Dr. James Shapiro, professor and expert on bacterial genetics at the University of Chicago):
The medal is written an OBE. I would suggest “Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”
Omission: The recommended books section (Appendix 3) should have included Information Theory, Evolution, and the Origin of Life by Hubert P. Yockey. Fantastic book.
From Johns Hands (minor typos):
p. 109: The reference to Bonnie Bassler should be (400) not (401)
p. 146: There is a word missing at the start of the paragraph. Perhaps you intended to say “For” before “many people”?