Dean Radin’s Clever Double Slit Experiment

Dean Radin wondered whether trained meditators could influence the outcome of a quantum mechanics double-slit experiment. He wanted to test if conscious observation by experienced meditators could influence the outcome: particle vs. wave.

Participants, which included both trained meditators and non-meditators, were asked to direct their attention towards the double-slit apparatus and attempt to mentally “collapse” the wave function, forcing the particles to behave like particles rather than waves… merely by concentrating.

The study reported that, during periods when meditators were focusing their attention on the double-slit apparatus, there was a statistically significant shift in the interference pattern compared to the control group of non-meditators. 

This result suggested that the meditators’ conscious attention likely influenced the behavior of the particles, causing them to exhibit particle-like behavior. 

It also showed that trained meditators have greater ability to shift quantum outcomes than regular Joes.

The probability of this occurring by chance was less than 1 in 100,000.

This strongly suggests that the intent of the observer is a deciding factor in the outcome of the wave collapse. 

The next step is to conduct a similar experiment with animals, and eventually, microorganisms. I discuss that in this blog post


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