Cancer and…Quantum Mechanics? 

What makes cancer cells so smart that in Stage 4 they can thwart almost any treatment anyone throws at ‘em?

For that matter… what is it that makes any form of life smart at all?

What is the “magic” that enables life itself to plan, build and organize? Rocks and snowflakes and sand dunes don’t do any of that. But life does.

This has been the subject of b-i-t-t-e-r rancorous disputes for the last 150 years. In academia, the mere suggestion that life possesses anything “magical” at all could cost you your job.

Yet the fact remains: nobody knows.

The classical laws of physics and chemistry are simply unable to answer this. Textbooks are rife with hand-waving explanations that artfully dodge the question.

But I believe the very famous “Double Slit Experiment” from Quantum Mechanics offers us a clue. 


In the QM Double Slit Experiment, a coherent light source pointed at a screen and blocked by two slits will produce an interference wave pattern on the screen. That’s exactly what you’d expect if light is made of waves.

But if you put a particle detector on one slit to see which slit a particle passes through, it ceases to produce a wave pattern. It makes a dot on the screen instead.

Then… if you unplug the particle detector, the system produces a wave pattern again.

All you have to do is unplug it and the outcome changes.

It is as though the particle “knows” whether the experimenter is looking for a particle or a wave. It even “knows” whether the detector is working or not.

Every physicist knows that Quantum Mechanics is very strange. There is no universal agreement about how this happens. 

I believe the Double Slit Experiment shows us something very fundamental about reality: That “reality” and the “observer” of that reality are never entirely separate. They are intertwined. The conscious intent of the observer changes the thing that is being observed.

Anyone who follows my work knows how fascinated I am with fractals – patterns inside of patterns inside of patterns. I believe the Double Slit experiment illustrates the fractal pattern of ALL living things.

An observer looking for a particle will get a particle. 

An observer looking for a wave will get a wave.

Let’s scale the Double Slit experiment down to the size of a cell… and even further to the organelles inside a cell… and I believe it shows us how a cell acts upon the world, instead of being acted upon.

I believe that just like a human, a cell is a quantum observer. How does a cell decide to go left or right… eat the sugar vs. not eat the sugar… swim towards a predator or away?

By focusing its attention. This changes its physiology and manifests as an action.

Humans are observers because the cells we are made of are observers.

I believe conscious observers shape reality by making choices. We make choices by focusing our intention to produce physical outcomes… and the Double Slit Experiment is an embodiment of this deep biological principle. 

I believe that every living thing, every cell, acting on the world outside is performing its own version of the Double Slit Experiment and “choosing a particle or wave,” as it were.

I wrote about this in detail in my most recent scientific paper, “The Role of Quantum Mechanics in Cognition Based Evolution.”

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