Evolution 2.0 in the “Nature Ecology and Evolution” Science Journal

Referencing the Evolution 2.0 Prize: “The largest basic research science prize in history is still on offer for the demonstration of a natural origin of genetic code from chemical organization.”
Nature Evolution and Ecology, “The early origin of cooperation” by Joana Xavier

Joana Xavier is an Origin Of Life researcher at the Institute for Molecular Evolution, Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany. She has published numerous papers on life’s origin.

Also see her paper, “Systems Biology Perspectives on Minimal and Simpler Cells.”

Lynn Margulis’ last interview with Conner Habib

Lynn Margulis, who died in 2012, was a piercing luminary in the history of evolutionary theory.

She overturned the money changer’s tables in the temple of science and infuriated a lot of people. But history has continued to vindicate her.

In this interview, she and Conner explore a very different way of thinking about life itself and you’ll hear her brilliant mind and feisty posture.

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Sy Garte – The Works of His Hands

This is Perry Marshall and I’m long overdue to mention a really great book that came out not too long ago. It’s called The Works of His Hands by Sy Garte. 

Sy is a molecular biologist that I met at some science meetings in the last few years. Probably a couple years ago he sent me a manuscript of this book and I read it. I was like, “Dude, you have to get this book published with a good publisher, and you need to really do this justice because this is way above average.”

This is a science and faith book, but it is not like most. In my opinion, most science and faith books are a little starchy or a little too sentimental or they have bad science or whatever. This one was a real gem.

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Michael Behe, father of “irreducible complexity,” vs. natural genetic engineering

Michael Behe infuriated traditional Darwinists with his concept of irreducible complexity more than 20 years ago.

He argues instead for Intelligent Design. But what does ID really mean? Is it a puff of smoke? A perfectly executed pool shot at the start of the Big Bang? External intervention at various points along the way? Intrinsic cellular intelligence?

Perry Marshall and Michael Behe discuss where to draw the dotted line.

Joel Salatin: The Uberization of Food (Not Twinkies, REAL food)

This Is The Next Mega-Disruptor

Joel Salatin is a “Christian Libertarian Environmentalist Capitalist Lunatic” who is re-inventing the way food is grown, distributed and consumed.

Here we examine how current legislation is based on 1906 technology, and the new culinary entrepreneurship that is expanding as we break the shackles of 19th century “Darwinian” agriculture.

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Unbelievable? How on Earth did life begin? Lee Cronin, Perry Marshall and Denis Noble on the origins of life

This is a discussion between me, one of the world’s most renowned physiologists, Denis Noble, and Lee Cronin who is from the University of Glasgow. He is one of the leading research chemists in the world and is increasingly involved in Origin of Life research. Here, we outline some of the unsolved problems and Lee Cronin gives an overview of his approach. Lee indicated that he believes he has solved the information problem and can win the Evolution 2.0 Prize. We await his submission. Meanwhile, enjoy this cordial and wide-ranging conversation.


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Thrive Global: “How (and Why) Perry Marshall Is Seeking to Unearth Life’s Underlying Forces”

Evolution 2.0 Was Recently Featured On

“According to Marshall, there’s more to discover about life than you ever thought possible.”


“If you’ve heard the name “Perry Marshall” before, it probably wasn’t in the context of science. Neither was it likely to be in the context of religion, either. Marshall attained money and fame by being very, very good at marketing. He’s one of the most recognized gurus in a field saturated with them—and over the years, he’s taught hundreds of thousands of people how to grow big businesses, including the founders of FanDuel and InfusionSoft.

But his latest venture is a little different …

Marshall’s new project is called Evolution 2.0, and from what he says, it will fundamentally change the way we look at the world around us—regardless of whether we’re religious or not, or how much we’ve looked into the question of evolution.

He insists both religion and science have missed fundamentals about life’s origins and the relationship between science and engineering. That the world is more complex and beautiful than we ever dreamed. I was fascinated and decided to interview him.

What he told me only whet my appetite even more …”

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