Marco Masi: Is your brain the source of consciousness? Or is it more like an antenna?

Are your sense of “self” and your experiences and memories just a set of brain states? Is a human basically a wet computer? Or is your brain just a mechanism for channeling these things into the physical world?

Physicist Marco Masi is fascinated with consciousness studies and evolution. He lives in Germany.

Are we purely physical beings? Or are our minds extensions of something larger?

Marco Masi’s new paper “An evidence-based critical review of the mind-brain identity theory” challenges the current materialistic view. 

Masi points out cases of people living normal lives despite missing large chunks of their brains from birth defects, surgery, or disease… like a man missing 75% of his brain tissue. Read more »

ANTHROBOTS: Breakthrough from Michael Levin

Michael Levin at Tufts University has stumbled into a new universe. Today (30 Nov 2023) he released a new paper revealing that when nurtured outside the body, human lung cells can morph into autonomous organisms that can repair damaged nerve tissues. These creatures are called “Anthrobots.”

 Michael Levin at Tufts University has discovered “Anthrobots” – human tissue cells that self-organize as autonomous creatures.

Michael writes: “We envision many future uses in the human body – laying down pro-regenerative molecules, clearing plaque from arteries, healing spinal cord or retinal damage, dealing with cancer cells or bacteria in the gut, or informing us of the status of the surrounding tissues.

“It’s crucial to note that the effect we saw – healing the neuronal scratch – was not test #78 out of hundreds of things we attempted. This was one of the first assays we tried.”

Michael’s team removed lung cells, fed them and gave them time to develop. The cells re-shaped themselves; and the cells’ cilia, the little hairs that normally push dirt and mucous on the surface of the lung, developed into organs for propelling these cells. They are highly mobile. Read more »

Why Evolution is Quantum

In my paper “The Role of Quantum Mechanics in Cognition Based Evolution,” I propose a new perspective on biology: thinking creates codes, which in turn control chemicals, much like a brain sending instructions to the body.

This challenges the traditional view in biology where it’s believed chemicals create codes leading to consciousness. There’s no evidence to support this traditional view in biology – only speculation.

Watch my live presentation “From Quantum Mechanics to ChatGPT” HERE.

Read more »

Review of Geddy Lee’s “My Effin’ Life”

I’ve been a Rush fan since Moving Pictures in the early 80s. Bought it when I was 12. Best album of my youth.Geddy Lee Autobiography

I didn’t make it to one of their shows until my late 20s. My wife bought me a ticket. Witnessing that show axis-shifted my notion of musical performance. Even though I had a bunch of their albums, I didn’t really ‘get it’ until I saw them pull it off live.

One thing I don’t hear very many people come out and say is: I believe Rush inspires *some* of their fans – especially me – to say to themselves:

“I can’t play drums like that. I can’t play bass like that. I can’t play guitar like that. BUT… Read more »

Understanding Living Systems with Ray and Denis Noble

The overwhelming success of genetics and molecular biology in the 1970s had an unfortunate side effect. DNA became the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of biology and “the selfish gene” became the new secular pop religion.

Physiology and medicine suffered great blows from this shift. The human genome project, though valuable, did not deliver even 10% of what it promised and the consequences to healthcare have been devastating.

The new book Understanding Living Systems by Raymond and Denis Noble is an easy-to-read guide to the New Biology that brings purpose back into nature and respects the agency and autonomy of each organism and its systems.

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The Truth About AI that not 1 Video in 100 is Acknowledging

Bryan Trilli is a serial entrepreneur who owns a company called Optimized Marketing that trains machine learning programmers to write better code. In this interview, he forcefully challenges the fiction of the “AI Singularity” showing that it’s impossible for this to happen given current technology. Consequently, we are asking all of the wrong questions. In this interview, we discuss what the real questions are.

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God and the Number 7

Is God merely a figment of our imagination?

Let’s ask an easier question. What about the number 7?

Is “7” a figment of our imagination? Does it merely exist in our heads? Or is it real? Read more »

Johnjoe McFadden: Occam’s Razor and Quantum Biology

Occam’s Razor says the simplest explanation is the best. While it’s application has many subtleties, it tells us that the best model of theory is the one that’s most elegant and invokes the fewest extraneous explanations.

Johnjoe McFadden is a professor at the University of Surrey in the UK and we discuss simplicity and the mind-bending world of quantum biology.


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