A Letter (And Question) from Martin Rag Concerning Unchanged Organisms and Evolutionary Creation

Below is an email I just received from a reader of Evolution 2.0. I loved the insights in his email and at the end of it, he asked a great question about unchanged organisms and Evolutionary Creation.

So instead of responding privately, I thought I’d make this a public conversation for the rest of the community to enjoy.

Here’s the Letter:

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It’s Time to Tighten the Definition of “Random”

S. Joshua Swamidass is an associate professor in the Laboratory and Genomic Medicine Division at Washington University in St Louis. His research uses computational methods solve problems at the intersection of medicine, chemistry and biology.

Joshua and I have met at several conferences and had long discussions. He, like myself, is very interested in ending the war Read more »

Did Charles Darwin Believe in Design? The answer may surprise you.

Steve Huffey is a residential real estate investor, specializing in multi-units. His interest in the ‘crossroad of science and faith’ has led him to focus on philology of the era during which transition from Egyptian hieroglyphs to Proto-Sinaitic script and associated Paleo-Hebrew took place. Better clarity of this era and scripts give added meaning to Biblical creation texts.

Guest Post by Steve Huffey

The last sentence of “On the Origin of Species ….” reveals a struggle.

In his book, “On the Origin of Species ….”, Darwin wrote “Creator” nine times, “God” once, and quoted a statement including “God”; all put in a positive light. But in the topic and public debate of evolution, the design of God has suffered loss. Design was honored by Darwin, but dishonored by Read more »

Evolution 2.0 Author’s Main Goal Is NOT To Prove God Exists, It’s To Stop The War…


Today Perry reveals his true intentions with the Evolution 2.0 initiative. He tells us that his goal is NOT to prove God exists. Rather it’s to heal the rift between science and religion. To create a “Demilitarized Zone” where people from “both sides” lay their weapons down and work together to find the truth about the origins of life.


As you’ll discover in this video and previous installments, science and religion ARE NOT at odds with each other. In fact, they’re symbiotic. Unable to be separated.


You don’t want to miss a second of this, as towards the end of the video, Perry reveals how he reads and interprets Genesis and the creation of our universe. So dive in and get ready to feel a range of emotions.


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Defending Marriage Between Evolution & Design Against The World’s Largest Group Of Atheists.


In this exciting video Perry reveals how evolutionary mechanisms of gradual and sudden change work.

Do you remember one of the original computer operating systems called “DOS”? If not, think of the most primitive operating system imaginable (outside of punch cards) Got it in your head? Good.

Now think of Windows 10. Think of Outlook. Think of the touch screen. The Mouse. The Keyboard. The Speakers. The Microphone. Everything.

Ok, now imagine that DOS evolved into Windows 10. All on it’s own…

If that happened, would you be impressed? I hope so! Well that’s what’s happening every single day within OUR bodies in our cells. Here’s what’s crazy. We KNOW that this is happening. But truthfully, we don’t know how these cells know what to do.

Later in the video Perry tells the story how he got into a fight with the most infamous group of atheists in internet history. The Infidels. In fact, the fight took 7 years and ran for over 1000 posts. It was the LONGEST running, most viewed post in the Infidels history. After successfully defending his arguments for years, Perry decided to lay down the gauntlet…

“Prove me wrong and I’ll give you $10,000.” He laid the terms and prepared for the unexpected. He was met with… crickets.

Today, that $10,000 bet has transformed into the $5 Million Evolution 2.0 prize and Perry reveals the exact spec that we need to decipher to win the prize.

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Are Evolution And Intelligent Design Connected? This Video Reveals The Answer…

Most believe that evolution and intelligent design are independent thoughts, unable to merge without a catastrophe. In this video, Perry reveals how the two not only co-habitate but are interconnected. Evolution does happen, every single day…

But it’s not random. In fact, from everything we know, it follows a set of rules that we’re put in place by someone… or something. With the studies of renowned scientist, Barbara McClintock, Perry reveals the bottom of the swamp and how this actually happens.

Lastly, Perry talks about the needless war between Christians and Evolutionists and pokes gaping holes in the story of Noah’s ark from the perspective of a Young Earth Creationist and why evolution actually MUST play a role in Biblical history, if the Bible is in to be considered a reliable source of history.

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