Why Billions of Years?

Rich Jacobs, founder of the FutureTech Podcast, is a long-time colleague. Rich interviewed me and sent me some interesting questions:

Why do you think it took billions of
Years for life to evolve on earth?
Answer: Rather than looking at that as

a long time, you might think of it as the shortest time in which something of that magnitude could be accomplished. Think in terms of how with an online advertising campaign, you can only do so much A/B testing based on the quantity of traffic that is available. The speed of gathering and using information.

You would find the Gaia Hypothesis interesting:
In order for animals to exist here, first bacteria had to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen and radically change the composition of the atmosphere, for example.
What I think evolution tells you about God is that God is much more interested in the process than the end result. The journey not the destination.
Was God patiently letting his machine 
Run and seeing how it played out?
Were the dinosaurs early practice?
Well I see them as a natural stage in the evolutionary process, which became obsolete.
…and in a different vein:
Why do we coexist with what we consider
To be “primitive” organisms, such as
Bacteria, viruses, and “less evolved”
Organisms such as dogs, spiders, 
Monkeys, etc? 
Same reason taco stands and old fashioned companies that make Persian rugs by hand still exist alongside hi tech companies like Microsoft and Apple. If there is a market for something, it will continue to exist and not have to change. But new things come into existence because a market opens up and someone or something sees an opportunity to use a resource that didn’t exist before.
If you understand marketing and markets, you understand evolution.
Why would nature / evolution / God
Have it this way or act in this way?
I think the question behind the question is:
Why is the process of life on earth painful and contentious? The ancient Jewish prophets (like Job) asked all those questions. In the scriptures you find theological answers to those questions. Science gives you “mechanical” answers to those questions and entrepreneurship gives you experiential answers to those questions. Why do you have to struggle to build a business, instead of just having it handed to you?


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