Beatles, Stones, and a Brand New Field of Virus Research Part 5

The Birth of a Whole New Field of Scientific Inquiry?

Last time I told you about how our search for an evolutionary theory of viruses had hit a dead end. 

Then one day I got an email from Bill Miller: 

“Dear Perry, Arthur and Frantisek, I’ve written this here 80-page paper on virus evolution. I’d like you guys to help me finish it up and co-author it with me.” 

Arthur Reber is a psychologist in Vancouver, František Baluška is a cell and plant biologist in Germany and the most ‘rock star’ scientist of the group by far. 

All of us agreed to carry it across the finish line. We took COVID out of it completely, because we don’t want to get caught up in the political quagmire that still surrounds the pandemic. Our entire 80-pages of evidence drew from other viruses that nobody’s freaked out about. 

We argued that viruses and hosts engage in Natural Viral Engineering much the same way that humans engineer songs, poems, computer games, memes and TikTok videos.

Life is problem-solving, and cells and viruses problem-solve together. Our approach to evolution is directly in conflict with the mainstream. Very much like the cancer evolution project.

We submitted it to a journal. They liked it, but rejected it because it was too far outside their areas of specialty. We submitted it to a new journal… then waited over a year as it descended into Peer Review Purgatory.

Suddenly, about three months ago, we heard back: “We like it, and are asking for some edits.”

Bill made the edits. The paper has now been released. It is called Viral-Cellular Natural Engineering in Cognition-Based Evolution and is published in Communicative & Integrative Biology, May 2023. You can read it at  

The four of us believe cells have some form of self-awareness. We do not attempt to answer the question whether a virus laying on the kitchen table is alive, but we do show that a virus in a host is every bit as alive as any cell in your body. A virus becomes a part of the cells it inhabits, and it’s just as much a part of that cell as the cell’s own DNA. The collective symbiotic organism functions differently than one without a virus.  

For example, we know that a mouse with a certain virus will not get sick when infected with a particular bacteria; but a mouse that does not have that virus will get sick from the same bacteria. 

Viruses form an integral part of the landscape of life on earth. They are the Open Source code repository for evolution. Organisms steal code from viruses and use it, much like a Linux programmer borrows and uses free code from hundreds of thousands of other programmers online. (Open Source software caught fire 20 years ago and today just about every web server online and innumerable other devices like Android phones run on the free Open Source Linux Operating System.)

I believe our paper is the first paper to accurately explain how viruses evolve in a wide context.  And I also believe that this is the beginning of a whole new field of virology which I call Natural Virus Engineering. 

I predict that future research will show that COVID-19 has forced the human body to evolve in ways we do not currently appreciate. I believe some of them will be evolutionary steps forward. It may be an upgrade to the immune system. It may be equipping the human body to perform some function it could not perform before. 

It’s speculation, but I think it’s inevitably true. And I think there could be ten Nobel Prizes on the way to this truth.

How could this insight not be worth $400 million? How could this not convey $4 billion or $40 billion worth of value in the world? 

And yes, it’s directly related to cancer. The same mistakes are being made in virology as were already being made in cancer research. The science profession has gravely underestimated our opponent. It has embraced an incorrect definition of cancer and viruses. The field is wasting money. 

Science Research 2.0 is not wasting your money. It’s hard at work solving the biggest health problems on the planet. 

Thanks to the generosity of Evolution 2.0 donors back in 2020, and the tireless work of Bill Miller, we are literally witnessing the genesis of a new field of virology, created by part-time renegades who had the mojo to challenge the status quo. We are doing work that others are unwilling or unable to do.

You can access our full paper “Cellular and Natural Viral Engineering in Cognition-Based Evolution” at  

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Seize the day,

Perry Marshall

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