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The Marketing Challenge of Evolution

The Denis Noble – Richard Dawkins debate is finally released. New Vanguard vs. Old Guard. It’s a marketing lesson par excellence. The debate is online here: Since I’m in the marketing profession I have a few comments about this. There is a marketing lesson that even a person who neither knows nor cares about…

Negentropy: Convergence of Evolution, Cognition and the Origin of Life

“Negentropy” or Negative Entropy is a term coined by Erwin Schrodinger in 1943 to describe how life turns disorder into order, which runs in the opposite direction of normal thermodynamics and even “Murphy’s Law.” Only life does this, and to date no one understands what principle or property enables life to do this.

The Two Narratives

SECULAR NARRATIVE Darwin’s theory of Evolution by Natural Selection vanquished childish notions of a creator. Life is ruthless competition of survival and reproduction. Nature is red in tooth and claw. Purpose in nature has been eradicated. Free will is an illusion. Science and religion are at war. There are no miracles. Skepticism is a virtue….

Patent Attorney Reviews Evolution 2.0

    Martin Schweiger is a patent attorney in Singapore who has facilitated thousands of patent cases.  Martin sees more innovations and inventions in a week than most people see in a year. In this article he reviews my book Evolution 2.0 from the perspective of an engineer who asks questions about biology.

Why water is essential to life’s capacity for free will

Why water is essential to life possessing the ability to choose, by Denis Noble of Oxford: Life begins and depends on the strange physical and chemical properties of water. This lecture by Denis Noble was delivered to a Biology Congress in Iran in 2022. In simple language it shows why water is crucial to our…

“Do you believe it’s possible to win the Evolution 2.0 Prize?”

Glen Reuschling writes: I’ve taken the opportunity to read, then reread several times, your recent paper “Biology transcends the limits of computation” (2021). I’m confused. Wouldn’t a working solution to your prize challenge effectively disprove the assertion of the paper’s title?

Noble clashes with Dawkins this Saturday

The “How the Light Gets in Festival” will be featuring a debate between my mentor, friend and scientific hero Denis Noble and renowned atheist Richard Dawkins. They throw down at 10:30 AM BST Saturday June 4. A description of the debate topic is below. You can watch live by going here And scrolling down…

Henry Heng’s Genome Chaos

When you’re trying to solve a thorny, knotty, intractable, “IMPOSSIBLE” problem, the #1 thing to watch for is: Outsiders from radically different backgrounds, who not only all agree that the mainstream is hopelessly jacked up, but who ALSO came to identical conclusions – WITHOUT having ever talked to each other in advance. In Evolution 2.0…

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