Atheist’s Riddle – Information, DNA and the Origin of Life – Perry Marshall

by Perry S. Marshall

What do language, linguistics and computer programs tell us about DNA and the origin of life? Do these things have anything to say about the debate between Atheism and intelligent design?

They most certainly do. This is an insightful 2-part presentation on design in the universe by Perry Marshall, author of the book Industrial Ethernet on what information theory has to say about this important subject, and The Atheist’s Riddle – So simple, any child can understand, yet so complex, no atheist can solve.

Click here to download The Intelligent Evolution Quick Guide – a simple but powerful 1-page document that explains Patterns vs. Designs, the operation of DNA, the real effects of random mutation, and 3 different kinds of evolution.

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Part 1: “Airtight Evidence that DNA Was Designed By a Mind”
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Part 2: “An Atheist and a Christian Go to the Zoo: The Case for Intelligent Evolution”

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Perry’s 25 page paper

The Case for Intelligent Evolution
in PDF: Naturalism’s gaping hole and a revised view of Darwin using Google AdWords as an example; and radical new implications for evolutionary theory.

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