A Quest To The Bottom Of The Proverbial “Evolutionary Swamp…”

Perry continues his story as he moves from his hometown into the big city of Chicago and begins attending one of the largest churches in the country, Willow Creek. Being a stark contrast from his fundamentalist upbringing, his new journey further cements his ability to question what he’s been told about Young Earth Creationism and the basics of evolution.


During the next phase of his life, his world is wrecked when is brother, Brian, a lifelong Christian with a masters in theology and a pastor, turns borderline atheist because of the overwhelming and convincing evidence that God doesn’t actually exist.


What happens next sends Perry on a quest hunting for answers amidst a sea of people who are so concrete in their beliefs, logic doesn’t apply. During this new quest to get to the bottom of the proverbial “evolutionary swamp” Perry talks about how his relationship with Brian unfolds and how he and his wife, Laura kept peace in the home, in spite of the barrage of questions.


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