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DNA as a Digital Communication System – Bell Labs Lucent Presentation

120 Communications Engineers in Attendance, Recorded Live at Alcatel-Lucent, Warrenville Illinois, April 10 2007 Part 1: DNA as Communications Protocol, Database and Programming Language Only 5 Possibile explanations for the Origin of Information Why the very existence of information overturns the materialistic philosophy of Atheism DNA vs. man-made codes like TCP/IP and ASCII DNA’s similarities to…

My Bell Labs – Lucent Technology Lectures

In July 1948, Claude Shannon of Bell Labs published his seminal paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication.” This is THE definitive work on engineering communication theory. It laid the groundwork for the information age we live in today.

59 years later, in April 2007, I gave a lecture to 120 engineers at Bell Labs, which is now a division of Alcatel-Lucent Technology in Warrenville, Illinois. These engineers design servers, software, data networks, fiber optic equipment, microwave stations, and devices for cell phone and Internet communication.

These guys tracked perfectly with every point. They knew…

Invite Perry Marshall to Speak to Your Organization

Perry Marshall speaks about evolution and science to a broad spectrum of audiences – from universities and scientific societies, to business and technology groups, to religious organizations, as well as many podcasts, radio and TV programs. The following are some of Perry’s past speaking engagements. References and speaking fees available upon request. Scientific & Technical…