I’d Like to Take You on a 30 Day Journey. Starts Today.

It was the day after a seminar in Australia. I was taking the day off, biking around Sydney’s sumptuous parks. November 14, 2019. Phone buzzed in my pocket.

Text from my friend Bill about his wife: “Laura just came back from the doctor. She has pancreatic cancer.” She was a gorgeous fitness instructor. Not yet 60.

5 months later, Laura was gone.

* BUT… *

That very same day, I got an email from my science mentor James Shapiro. “I’m organizing a Cancer & Evolution symposium in Cambridge Mass with a group of scientists. Will you help us?”

Bill’s text and Jim’s email plunged me down a rabbit hole that has only grown more fascinating by the day. I would like to share it with you. A little bit each day over the next 30 days.

Of course it’s depressing. It’s cancer. And the war on cancer, declared by Nixon 50 years ago, has been a near total bust.

But it’s also VERY hopeful. Because we’re a lot closer to solving this than you might think. Not just in one way, but many.

I need to share this with you. Entrepreneurs CAN do something about this – right now.

This will command your attention. It also involves stories that shouldn’t be shared on social media – for reasons you instantly understand, given the state of the world these days. So it needs to be communicated a certain way – in limited channels. Like this.

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